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Changes ahead – Focus Forward

It is a constant moving landscape. Plan A becomes redundant before the ink has dried. The only normal now is nothing is normal. We have to accept that things will not be the same and focus forward on how we can adapt and evolve. This will apply to both our personal and business lives. I believe this will change the way we see business in the future – for the good. No doubt about this. All the businesses that I am involved in are from the initial foundation about aiming to deliver the optimal outcome to all the people that are involved in the businesses. Clients, Team and Business Owners. […]

Days 11 to 16 – 4668 km The Alpine, Kosciusko and Snowy Mountains Gig

This was an unexpected and unplanned part but definitely one of my favourite sections of the journey to date. Not sure if I’d thought about it too much – that I would have done it. From an elevation of 199 metres to 1488 metres (Highest Township in Oz) and then back down down down again covering over 1000km in 3 days – what a spectacular part of the world! After stopping off in Melbourne to catch up with the Resicert Crew and Team members I stopped in a Campground called Pine Hill in the Yarra Valley. This was the first spot which I stayed for 2 nights. It was time […]

Days 8 to 10 – 3462 km – South to Adelaide to The Grampians

Having camped near the main east-west train line I got to experience the subtle sounds of the rumbling trains at 2am and then again at 4am – only 30 metres away to the east. It was fine even though a bit of shock wake up! Quick pack up through the 2km dirt track and back on the road heading south to Crystal Brook.  OIn this stretch of highway you will notice the numerous wind turbines spotted on the west along the port edge. There is a reason for that – it is really bloody windy along this stretch. This was the windiest stretch I have rode since the start.It was […]

Day 7 & 8 – 2548 km – From the Nullarbor to Port Augusta – Woolungdunga!

It has been over a week since I started on this journey. So what do I know now that I didn’t when I started? Here is my top 7 Learnings over the last 2500 km. When riding with the wind behind me getting passed by oncoming road trains has minimal effect. The stronger the head wind I’m riding into the bigger the gusts from the passing road trains. Waspah – my red Vespa – is a very comfortable ride for touring and long distances. No sore bum, arms or back – ride with a great posture upright and can see lots! The only way to truly know something is to […]

Day 6 – 1717km – Crossing the border and starting across the nullarbor plain

The name Nullarbor originated from the Latin terminology nullus arbor meaning ‘no trees’ because quite literally you are lucky to see any surviving trees along this desert plain. The Nullarbor national park starts just after the border in SA and ends on the Eyre Highway at the Nullarbor Roadhouse. This is the section of the Eyre Highway I covered today. The bush camp spot last night was only 75km from the border. So it was a quick pack up and onto Eucla to fuel up and stock up. Great to cross the border as this is a definite milestone when trekking across the country. Once past the border the Great […]

Day 5 – 1476km – Mundrabilla

Left the campsite with the fellow travellers and hit the road again. It is awlays a great feeling to get on the bike and get moving. The open road, sun ahead and the clean air through my hair – I wish! The landscape is forever changing – as the highway gets closer to the cliffs its the usual coastal vegetation. Stopped in Cauguna for Fuel and ran into another cros country cyclest Yoshi from Japan- heading from Sydney to Perth. He does about 100km a day – stops where he can and heads off the road when the roadtrains approach. Whilst there a roaming Travel journalist was there – Lisa […]

Day 4 – 1149 km – Onto Caiguna

Crazy people riding self made wooden bikes across this country – I think that’s what the Aussie sun can do to you! Came across Basti a German cycler who made his own bike out of Bamboo and is cycling around the world – on a mission to plant 40,000 trees!. Check out his the video I posted on Instagram. Makes my journey look very sane. We came across each other on the 90 mile straight – 146.5km of dead straight road. I put the Vespa on cruise control and I was able to catch up with some rest! No bends or turns – why not! It was a good ride […]

Day 3 – 868.4km To Fraser Range Station

It was interesting to find that for the ride today into Norseman I was able to cruise comfortable at 100 Kmh all the way along. Not quite sure why. Think it may be the fact that from Mundaring to Coolgardie it is an uphill run – overall. May have also had the wind behind me on the run into Norseman. Got some supplies for the trip across the border and the Nullarbor – not much ahead until the other side. Had a business meeting to attend with Tessa, my daughter, who is currently studying / working overseas. Suggested we do a meet on the road. I reflected on what we […]

Day 2 – 622.3km – Into the Goldfields.

Got a get a new tent – did not think compact means my head and feet need to touch the edges at the same time! Planned to go To Fraser Range Station – over 550 km going through Kalgoorlie. Decided to camp just the the other side of Kalgoorlie at the end. Getting a feel for the Vespa and Trailer on the road. Weight balance feels good. Had a small water container on the front of the bike – made the bike a little less stable – moved this back into the trailer. Cruising speed on the flat is a comfortable 100 km/h – on an uphill 80 to 90km/h. […]

Day 1 – 347.5km – The Take Off – Driving my Vespa Across Australia


Well what a mad panic to get going – target was to get away by 11 am – was a target – managed to get rolling just after 2pm. Had too much weight in the trailer – max should be 120 kg so have to dump some stuff and move others to the bike. Had a false start – we had been playing with the Bike – left the key on – of course lights are on all the time so boom battery dies. Made these neat little vespa cavi jumper- (for the non Italians – jumper cables) worked a treat. Initially had a spot just past Southern Cross – […]

Redding up the trailer

Took apart the little Classic lite weight (68kg) to get it ready for the trip. Had one piece – now there is many!!

7 Days to go!

7 Days to go and there is a still a bit to do. Got up this morning and thought I would get my webpage set up and the blog thing in play. I think I have most that I need to get rolling – it is now about set up, and working out how everything will fit together. Got a neat Vespa Helmet from my friends at Vespa last week – Thanks Gavan! The Vespa, tow-bar, trailer, tech stuff and a few other bits to work out over the next week. Playing with the trailer this week and “redding it up” will be the mission! Bit black for my liking! […]

China wants to keep me

I have a distinct feeling that China does not want me to go! I should not be able to be writing this – as I should be on a plane. After allowing more than usual time to get to the airport – all of a sudden the traffic was bumper to bumper – very strange for just after midday. As it turned out there was a very nasty accident which caused the traffic issue. Managed to get to the airport and check in with minutes to spare. Was now relaxed and had plenty of time up my sleeve. Went to the gate and waited for the crowds to clear as […]

Impressions of China

I would have to say the the Chinese have been very friendly and welcoming. Even though English is spoken by few people that  I came across, everyone was always willing to help and have a go. At no point in time in any location was there any safety issues or dramas with anyone. Quite amazing when you consider the amount of people engaging and living in Beijing. The crazy traffic just works here. There is lots of horn tooting but I never saw anyone get upset or get too excited. It is just part of living in a city like this. Beijing goes on forever. It is by far the […]

From idea to reality on the Great Wall

i just love taking an idea and turning it into realty. This adventure was really all about that. Seeing if it was possible, how would it work, why would it feel like. I am posting this from the the top of the Great Wall after having just ridden on top of the wall – what a buzz. There is no feeling like that of success and achievement. Loving doing stuff that most say just can not be done. Sometimes you just have to take a punt and go with the flow.Before starting this journey I had a clear picture in my mind what it would look like when I was […]