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Resicert Ride for Humanity

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I’m inspired by the work of Habitat for Humanity Australia and wanted to support them by raising money. I have always wanted to ride across the Nullarbor on my Vespa, and did not want to do it without making a difference. As CEO of Resicert  it made sense to help others regain dignity and meaning for their families, and help put a roof over their head.

The drive

I start  on April 15, 2018, leaving from Western Australia across the plains to Adelaide through to Melbourne and then up to Brisbane via Sydney.

Vespa coast to coast for Resicert Ride for Humanity

The ‘why’

I have always wanted to tackle this challenging ride, but wanted it to be more than just fulfilling a lifelong dream. Being in the building industry, it made sense to partner with Habitat for Humanity Australia who build homes for those in need around the globe. 

The unique program raises funds for those who may have lost their home due to natural disaster or family circumstances have left them homeless. The program is self-fulfilling. Each family takes part in the build and receives an interest-free loan. The initial funds are raised by people like myself wanting to make a difference. Volunteers can also raise funds and participate in the build. This flow of funds ensures the next build is catered for an so on. Habitat for Humanity have delivered over 80,000 homes worldwide. As the climate brings more challenges for areas already struggling, each home changes lives for the better.

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Allison Corkhil, Habitat’s Manager of Operations and Partnerships, said of the ride, “Thank you to you all so much for choosing Habitat for Humanity Australia to give your support ! We are so grateful!!!”

The wheels

Being of  Italian heritage I love my Vespa. Resicert contacted PS Importers, letting them know about the ride and that it would be on Paul’s new Vespa, a bright red Vespa 300GTS. Gavan Moody, Vespa Brand Manager, quickly responded with a $1,000 donation.

Obviously, there isn’t much storage in my Vespa, so I have acquired a small trailer and tow bar to pack his mobile office. Resicert obligations can now be neatly handled on the road, even if it is in the middle of the Nullarbor.

To ride with me, please contact my Marketing Manager, Clare McAlaney ([email protected]) with your location, so she can let you know when I am going to be in your zone.

I will be posting images here and on our website, www.resicert.com.au. Please join me, and help Habitat for Humanity make a difference.

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The more people that know about Habitat for Humanity Australia, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!