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Day 7 & 8 – 2548 km – From the Nullarbor to Port Augusta – Woolungdunga!

It has been over a week since I started on this journey. So what do I know now that I didn’t when I started? Here is my top 7 Learnings over the last 2500 km.

  1. When riding with the wind behind me getting passed by oncoming road trains has minimal effect. The stronger the head wind I’m riding into the bigger the gusts from the passing road trains.
  2. Waspah – my red Vespa – is a very comfortable ride for touring and long distances. No sore bum, arms or back – ride with a great posture upright and can see lots!
  3. The only way to truly know something is to experience it and do it. Not doing something because of what might happen or what we think could happen will stop you from really finding out the truth for yourself.
  4. I definitely have too much stuff – not with me but generally. I am living out of small trailer and have pretty much everything I need. Less stuff less clutter around me and in my head.
  5. Waspah is not ideal for off road work. Only needs to look at sand and it gets stuck – no surprises here. Good news is not that hard to get unbogged – has only happened 3 times so far.
  6. There is very little spare time when free range camping. Most things are to do with eating, tenting, sleeping, moving, packing and doing it again and again.
  7. A lot of people have a Vespa, Lambretta or motorbike story – always takes them back to a time of joy and fun and most of the time laughter and great memories.

So there you go!

This leg of the journey was through a zone flowing out the Nullarbor zone and into the wheat belt zones of rural South Australia. Not much along this stretch so trekked along pretty fast. There was no place to pull over and camp in the bush as most of the zone was fenced with minimal bush remaining. So headed all the way to Wurilla and stayed in their very basic campground for the night.

Cooked some lamb chops on coals in the Kelly Kettle – had a very persistent Cat that wanted a piece of the action – did not happen.

Great chance to check in, clean up and plan out the journey ahead. It was great to have a shower and a shave after 5 days of bush camping!

From here decided to head to Port Augusta for the next night. It was over 430km but I am now in a flow and finding the riding very pleasant. Just a quick stop in PA to get restocked do some laundry and keep moving. Found a spot about 30km south of PA to camp for the night. Waspah had to do some off road work. Ended camping about 30 metres from the main East – West Train line – Oops. Too late to move – so just enjoyed the humm and toots of the passing GHAN and freights trains. Only a couple through the night so wasn’t to bad.

Love camping in isolation like this – in the bush – with a fire, prepping dinner and watching the sky change and light up each night. It is a unique and experience to savour! Great for the soul!

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