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China wants to keep me

I have a distinct feeling that China does not want me to go! I should not be able to be writing this – as I should be on a plane. After allowing more than usual time to get to the airport – all of a sudden the traffic was bumper to bumper – very strange for just after midday. As it turned out there was a very nasty accident which caused the traffic issue. Managed to get to the airport and check in with minutes to spare. Was now relaxed and had plenty of time up my sleeve. Went to the gate and waited for the crowds to clear as I usually do. What I did not pick up on is there were a number of flights leaving from this gate. Was not at the entry door it was in a pre security screening zone. So no idea what was happening. I just assumed the flight was running late. A stewardess was walking around yelling something In Chinese of course. Eventually she looks at my boarding pass and said ‘you last one’. Averted a potential mess – pr so I thought. When my bag we through the scanners they got very excited about my Allen keys. There were a few in there. Who could of thought you could hijack alone and cause harm with an Allen key. Clearly the other airlines don’t think so. The re was one Allen key keen not to be found – the process took over 15 minutes stuff going everywhere. The Stewardess just looked at me and said – “you miss flight”. Sure enough they closed the flight. Stuff everywhere I tried to get it – no chance. Took some guesswork, lost of going back and forth to work out where my bags were no then how to get them back. They we re not going to give them to me. Someone from the airline had to authorise giving them back. What a drama. Eventually got my bags after an hour of going around in circles.  After some efforts got onto Qantas who eventually sorted out come flghts for me. Got later but lot shorter in the air – spend a day in Singapore.  I will get out eventually!!


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