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Day 5 – 1476km – Mundrabilla

Left the campsite with the fellow travellers and hit the road again. It is awlays a great feeling to get on the bike and get moving. The open road, sun ahead and the clean air through my hair – I wish!

The landscape is forever changing – as the highway gets closer to the cliffs its the usual coastal vegetation.

Stopped in Cauguna for Fuel and ran into another cros country cyclest Yoshi from Japan- heading from Sydney to Perth. He does about 100km a day – stops where he can and heads off the road when the roadtrains approach.

Whilst there a roaming Travel journalist was there – Lisa – wanted to get some pics and include it in her story. Always take longer at the stops as the curious come arouynd for a look.

Not sure where the day goes – there is not much loafing around time. Just getting the basics done and moving house everyday takes time – even though the house coould not get any smaller.

Trying to get my head around the social media thing – doing some learning and trying it as I go. Have not played with Instagram mush so lots to learn.

Love camping in the bush in the middle of nowhere – when I can. The isolation is rare today as we always have people around us. The stars at night are something to ponder.

Have tested the off road capabilities of the kit – not great – Vespa gets bogged just looked at the sand. Had to unhook the trailer to get out – near the campsite. Upside minimal recover gear needed!

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