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Day 3 – 868.4km To Fraser Range Station

It was interesting to find that for the ride today into Norseman I was able to cruise comfortable at 100 Kmh all the way along. Not quite sure why. Think it may be the fact that from Mundaring to Coolgardie it is an uphill run – overall. May have also had the wind behind me on the run into Norseman. Got some supplies for the trip across the border and the Nullarbor – not much ahead until the other side.

Had a business meeting to attend with Tessa, my daughter, who is currently studying / working overseas. Suggested we do a meet on the road. I reflected on what we can do today – cruising at 100kmh in the middle on nowhere on a Vespa whilst engaging in a meeting with Tessa in the other side of the world – very productive meeting which wrapped right about the time phone reception evaporated – great way to wrap meetings up!

Fraser Range Station is surrounded by one of the worlds largest Hardwood forests. Remember this spot a few years back – heading up to the ridge at Sunset – it is just mesmerising – as the forest unfolds for ever to the west. This sight  and spot is something that has always stayed with me.

Managed to play with Drone and get some interesting shots – with the help if a fellow droner I met on the ridge. Thanks David for some good tips!

Always a good spot to camp and catch up with fellow travellers heading in both directions.

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