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Who am I


I love business and love making things happen. I began my career in engineering, but eventually found my niche in business development and marketing – helping to grow businesses. I have had the opportunity to work around Australia, Europe and through Asia in a diverse range of industries. Drawing from these experiences my wife, Robyn, and I founded Resicert and have enjoyed watching our business quickly grow and expand.

My beautiful wife, Robyn, and I have enjoyed growing the business together. Being able to go above and beyond for our clients excites me. As the CEO I am continually looking at ways to make things better and faster whilst delivering the highest value possible to our clients. I am excited about expanding Resicert across Australia, giving more people the opportunity to use a quicker, simpler and more precise service.

Balanced way of living is an important driver for me and the businesses that I create. This underpins them as a core objective.

I love hanging out with Robyn and my great kids – Tessa, Carissa, and Dante when they are in the same continent!


I love doing things that most say can or should not be done!