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That’s it

We do this through a unique 4 Phase process :

  1. Assessment   – Assessing whether your business is franchisable, ready to franchise,  reviewing viability and a fit with the FMP.
  2. Design – Lets build the business model – This is where we create the blueprint for the business model. This covers every aspect of the business model to ensure it meets your needs and is seamless in its operation. A great business happens by DESIGN.
  3. Build – Creation of the Franchised Business Model – this is where we take the blueprint and create everything needed.
  4. Operate – Continue to stay with you and help you to run and operate your business with an experienced and skilled team in place – allows you to focus on core area

Of course we have much that is needed in place already – that your business can use and rely upon as you roll out your franchise.

Just a small snapshot of what this includes:

  1. Company hand book and a large part of the Operational Manual for Franchisees – over 1000? pages that you will have ready to use
  2. Proven business technology and automation systems which reduces costs and increases efficiency
  3. Templates for all key documents and processes for in establishing and operating a franchised business
  4. Help desk support system that will be available from the kick off point for you franchisees
  5. Management system and framework which covers all aspects of setting up and operating the business – the basis for our ISO 9001 certification
  6. Cash management and financial stability framework and system
  7. Promotion and recruitment system for new Franchisees
  8. Establishment, onboarding and training of new franchisees
  9. Kick off marketing system to assist and get new franchisees moving and generating revenue

The implementation of the systems required to do this; in IT, management and franchise, can normally cost anywhere between $180k – $500k to design build and effectively operate – this will not be a fully integrated business model.

We help develop brilliant franchised business models faster and for a lower cost that operates seamlessly

The Invizbiz team has the experience in this process and specialised skills in the in all aspects of the FMP process.

The Assessment, Design, Build and Operation of such platforms is what we do.

Our focus in purely on optimising this process; smarter setup, better integrations, smoother operations.  

Simply to build a better business!