About me
I love business and love making things happen. I began my career in engineering, but eventually found my niche in business development and marketing – helping to grow businesses.
The Book
Don't Expect, Inspect! Is an insider’s how to guide to get the best results possible from your property experience; increase your returns, save money and avoid the common pitfalls. Taken from years of experience in the property inspection industry it sheds light on common issues and unknown data relating to property.
My Business
I founded Resicert Property Inspections in Perth in 2009. Over the past 6 years it has expanded to a national business, with over 25 licensed inspectors around Australia.
Your Business
One of the hardest things about going into business is finding the right one for you. Whether purchasing an existing business or starting your own, what are the things you need to look for, account for and define? How To Build A Business is designed to help you answer these questions.