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Day 4 – 1149 km – Onto Caiguna

Crazy people riding self made wooden bikes across this country – I think that’s what the Aussie sun can do to you! Came across Basti a German cycler who made his own bike out of Bamboo and is cycling around the world – on a mission to plant 40,000 trees!. Check out his the video I posted on Instagram. Makes my journey look very sane.

We came across each other on the 90 mile straight – 146.5km of dead straight road. I put the Vespa on cruise control and I was able to catch up with some rest! No bends or turns – why not!

It was a good ride yesterday – getting into a rhythm each day now and getting into a flow. Seems that around 300 km to 400 km a day is about the limit. See how I go young forward.

Have been thinking about what it would like to be homeless. Many of us take a roof over our heads and a safe space for granted, I know I do, but there are many people in the world that do not have this or would take if for granted.

I am trying to stay as grounded as possible on this journey. Basic sleeping, cooking on the go and using fires where possible. Spot in the bush – and a thin mat to sleep on. Each night as the sunsets the temperature drops quickly and the crew sets in. Getting used to sleeping on the ground – walking up less than when I started a few days back. I am fortunate that I am doing this as a choice – but for many this is a daily challenge and struggle for them. Safe space, out of the weather, getting enough food each day.

If you would like to support homeless people please donate to by going to https://testadavespa.com and clicking on the link.

Ended the day in the bush at a campsite outside Caiguna. There were 3 caravans there so had a good dinner and convo around the fire – story sharing and plans ahead. It was good change.

Loving life on the road and seeing what lies ahead.

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