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Day 2 – 622.3km – Into the Goldfields.

Got a get a new tent – did not think compact means my head and feet need to touch the edges at the same time!

Planned to go To Fraser Range Station – over 550 km going through Kalgoorlie. Decided to camp just the the other side of Kalgoorlie at the end.

Getting a feel for the Vespa and Trailer on the road. Weight balance feels good. Had a small water container on the front of the bike – made the bike a little less stable – moved this back into the trailer. Cruising speed on the flat is a comfortable 100 km/h – on an uphill 80 to 90km/h.

Fuel mileage more with extra weight and higher speeds. All up with the Vespa, Trailer and Me total weight is close to 380 kg. Was heading into Coolgardie – the fuel light went on – thought I would run it until it stopped then I would know for sure. Thoughts I would make it – ran out about 4km from Coolgardie. Topped up from extra fuel and rolled into Coolgardie.

Worked out that I am getting roughly 17km on a litre of fuel. – That means 5.9 L per 100 KM. Have to keep an close eye on it when I cross the Nullarbor.

Cruised through Kalgoorlie – the large streets – historical buildings and signs of Mining going on everywhere.

Using WikiCamps found a spot about 60km out of Kalgoorlie on the road to Kambalda to camp in the bush. Pretty private – the road noise cranked up from 3am.

It is a beautiful day as I sit here plotting the day out – blue blue skies, fark, fark, farking from a distant crow, and the pleasant hum of the trucks on the road.

Got the DJI Spark out – have to learn how to fly it – took some quick shots this morning at sunrise. Always give you a different view of the landscape.

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  1. Sean says:

    Hello, Paolo,

    Enjoying your Blog. Maybe get the drone to capture your ride a bit? You know you are crazy I suppose? Still, someone has to do it!


    Sean Burke

    • Hey Sean – thanks for that. Just got the Drone still working out how to fly it. Aiming to get some good aerial shots on the bike across the Nullarbor. Haven’t seen many Vespas out here so far. Maybe closer to the middle!