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Changes ahead – Focus Forward

It is a constant moving landscape. Plan A becomes redundant before the ink has dried. The only normal now is nothing is normal.

We have to accept that things will not be the same and focus forward on how we can adapt and evolve.

This will apply to both our personal and business lives.

I believe this will change the way we see business in the future – for the good.

No doubt about this. All the businesses that I am involved in are from the initial foundation about aiming to deliver the optimal outcome to all the people that are involved in the businesses. Clients, Team and Business Owners.

This is in essence what businesses are facing right now.

This is a constant challenge for any business- managing the tensions between these groups. Whenever I look at any change I place a filter to see if it will deliver the best for all 3 groups. I have Found this to be very useful.

Great way to approach the ideas you have at the moment in the current crazy times.

As business owners we need to look at how we can help and provide what is needed during this period of change. So many are stepping up to this need.

So some of the tools we have used as to how we have structured our business to deal with change and aim to deliver the best to all people includes:

1. No physical offices – all the team work from home

2. Flexible hours for all Team members – they have control over time

3. High level of systemisation and business automation – not just marketing – but end to end to keeps things moving when we are not

4. Working with the best in their area no matter where they are located on the globe – lots of great knowledge and skills you can access

5. Having a client centric approach – and check to ensure we are on track – this will be vital going forward in the current scene – what do your clients need and want in these times

6. Using best of breed applications across the business – last count was 28 – there is something for almost every function now

7. Fully paperless – there is no place to put it

They work.

The key to the success in this way of business is recognising it is different and needs different processes, structures and training.

Happy to share our learnings of operating businesses over the last decade this way if it would be of use to you.

Reach out if you want to have a chat.

Stay safe, stay static (I know – it’s hard for me too) and focus forward

Stay connected – probably need this more than usual.

Luckily lots of ways to do this in today’s world without movement.

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