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YEP Overview

YEP Mastermind 2019


  • Are you a young Entrepreneur or Leader who is seeking to create, learn, and be part of a dynamic innovative team?
  • Would you enjoy being part of a small group of like minded peers who support each other?
  • Would you love to be mentored by successful business minds who are operating in this tech savvy, rapidly changing world?

We are looking for young people in Perth aged 16-20 who are passionate about all things business and would like to be involved in our new Youth Entrepreneurial Projectum (YEP).

This will not be your average course or program.

You will be required to step up and strive to have impact, be self driven, adaptable, and be able to think outside the box. It is essential that you are interested in learning how to run your own business and are keen to explore the limits of what you can achieve.

Who are we?

This pilot program is being led by Paul & Robyn Antonelli, who have had many years experience in business. A particular niche of theirs is using the latest technology platforms to stay competitive and on the cutting edge in this technology dominated world.

To give you a bit of an idea about what Paul is currently up to check out this website.

Apart from helping found and run the family businesses, Robyn also brings over 30 years experience in the education sector. She has a Bachelor of Education, has worked in a variety of schools locally and internationally, and has run groups and been part of the home based learning community for the past 18 years.

Both Paul and Robyn are passionate about quality of life, creating a good work/life balance, and having fun!

Paul has already been working with young entrepreneurs over the last few years. One of these is Grace Fewster, who started her own mobile coffee van, The Keen Bean & Co, in Feb 2017 when she was 18 years old, after being mentored by Paul. They continue to have regular catch up sessions but these days Grace is very self contained and runs a fabulous business which continues to grow and expand.

“I have loved being mentored by Paul. The systems and procedures he has equipped me with have been so valuable to the success of my business.  He is always super helpful when I’m stuck and is great at coming up with creative and effective solutions. He is good at explaining things in a way that is easy, fun and memorable. Starting a business is a full on undertaking and without Paul it would have been heaps messier, stressful and a lot less fun.”  Grace Fewster

Enquire today:

To find out more send an email to Robyn Antonelli at: [email protected]