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Day 6 – 1717km – Crossing the border and starting across the nullarbor plain

The name Nullarbor originated from the Latin terminology nullus arbor meaning ‘no trees’ because quite literally you are lucky to see any surviving trees along this desert plain. The Nullarbor national park starts just after the border in SA and ends on the Eyre Highway at the Nullarbor Roadhouse. This is the section of the Eyre Highway I covered today.

The bush camp spot last night was only 75km from the border. So it was a quick pack up and onto Eucla to fuel up and stock up. Great to cross the border as this is a definite milestone when trekking across the country.

Once past the border the Great Australian Bight gets very close to the road and there are some spectacular vantage spots to get a great view of the cliffs and the sense of altitude of the land above see level. Got some great views and shots along the coast line.

There was a rainbow ahead of me for most of the time heading east today. You could see the rain falling in the distance. Was wondering whether it would pass or I would catch it and be heading through the rain. Got a small amount of rain at one point- but literally comes and goes. Passing storms.

Wanted to get as close to Nullarbor Roadhouse today – found a spot about 20km before on the left hand side. Just a track into the scrub. Headed in and found a great spot to camp and get a fire going. This was just before sunset.One of the best things about a trip like this is to be able to free camp in the bush. I generally look for not main locations – little bit of the beaten track. Bit tricky getting the Vespa in – bit well worth it.

It was a a great drive across this stretch – you get a true sense of the “hugeness” of this amazing country.

I was lucky to witness the most spectacular sunset and storm show that I have seen for a long time. It was so beautiful and breathtaking. This show went over for over an hour. There were 2 separate storms heading along the bight only a few Km from where I was. Shared it through a Live Facebook as it was something that was great tom see and share. See some of the shots below.

Great campsite. Cooked up a Spaghetti, enjoyed it by the fire with a glass of wine. It was a great night enjoying the sky and the stars. There is something special about camping on your own in these locations. Unique and special experience to savour in the busy connected world we live in.

There is no question when you travel alone you spend more time in your thoughts and thinking about a range of things – uninterrupted with conversations. Some time feels like conversations with yourself.

Have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far and looking forward to what lies ahead.

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  1. David H Krogh says:

    Well done and credit to you.