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Impressions of China

I would have to say the the Chinese have been very friendly and welcoming. Even though English is spoken by few people that  I came across, everyone was always willing to help and have a go. At no point in time in any location was there any safety issues or dramas with anyone. Quite amazing when you consider the amount of people engaging and living in Beijing. The crazy traffic just works here. There is lots of horn tooting but I never saw anyone get upset or get too excited. It is just part of living in a city like this. Beijing goes on forever. It is by far the largest city which I have visited to date. The cyclIng has been great as it is totally geared for bikes. There were very few roads on the 240 km plus that I rode here in the last week that did not have a dedicated cycle lane — always on both sides of the road. Many electric bikes and scooters – have to be a bit more aware quite silent. Lots of folk out at night as is typical in Asia. Eating, walking , riding, talking – it is always alive. There are many Hutongs – small alley ways – all through the city – even in the central area. You step back in time when walking and cycling through these alleys. The mountains to the north and the countryside was rugged and very beautiful – the Great Wall is an iconic part of this landscape. Throughly enjoyed my China adventure and getting to ride on the wall against all odds! If I had to choose one word to describe this city it would be Contrast.

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