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Day 1 – 347.5km – The Take Off – Driving my Vespa Across Australia

Well what a mad panic to get going – target was to get away by 11 am – was a target – managed to get rolling just after 2pm. Had too much weight in the trailer – max should be 120 kg so have to dump some stuff and move others to the bike.

Had a false start – we had been playing with the Bike – left the key on – of course lights are on all the time so boom battery dies. Made these neat little vespa cavi jumper- (for the non Italians – jumper cables) worked a treat.

Initially had a spot just past Southern Cross – over 400 km. Not possible if i wanted to stop by dusk. Great feeling of ahhhhh – the one you get when you finally hit the road. Seems that I can cruise at around 100 to 110 km/h on the flat – handles nicely.

I continued past dusk. In was quite a surreal feeling heading east as the sun sets over my left shoulder with the shadow of my outline growing longer in front of me. The starts are amazing – I had the Southern Cross accompany on my right for most of the ride at night with the famous pipeline on my left.

On Saturday I met Ross in Mt Helena who came over to the bike for a sticky. He is 87 years old and we chatted for a while. We swapped numbers and he said he would call me to see how I am tracking. It was a welcomed call around 7.30pm as I would doing the last 50km or so.

Covered 347 km for the day.

Rolled into the camp site around 8pm just outside Southern Cross. Getting setting up for the first time takes longer than usual. Had a glass of red to close out the day.

Had a catch up with the friendly neighbours in the camp spot- only the two of us. Sybil and Basil (John) are on a new adventure as they head to Gero from Tassie. Thanks for the coffee and the chat.

Well did a a bit of a re org before I hit the road – aiming to get to Fraser Range around 500km today.

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  1. Ray Buckingham says:

    Well done Paul, what a great cause and such good promotion for Vespa, iā€™m impressed.

  2. Cesare frabotta says:

    Looks really great what you are doing Paul. Really great cause they do great work here in north east Ohio. Will be following you.
    Remember ” keep the rubber side down!” Good luck my friend.

    • Hey Cesare – thanks for that. So far so good covered over 900km and tracking well. H4H do good work all over the world. Planning to head to the Phillipines with the crew to do some builds later in the year with them – as we have a number of team members there . Ciao for now