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Day 5 – 1476km – Mundrabilla

Left the campsite with the fellow travellers and hit the road again. It is awlays a great feeling to get on the bike and get moving. The open road, sun ahead and the clean air through my hair – I wish! The landscape is forever changing – as the highway gets closer to the cliffs its the usual coastal vegetation. Stopped in Cauguna for Fuel and ran into another cros country cyclest Yoshi from Japan- heading from Sydney to Perth. He does about 100km a day – stops where he can and heads off the road when the roadtrains approach. Whilst there a roaming Travel journalist was there – Lisa […]

Day 1 – 347.5km – The Take Off – Driving my Vespa Across Australia


Well what a mad panic to get going – target was to get away by 11 am – was a target – managed to get rolling just after 2pm. Had too much weight in the trailer – max should be 120 kg so have to dump some stuff and move others to the bike. Had a false start – we had been playing with the Bike – left the key on – of course lights are on all the time so boom battery dies. Made these neat little vespa cavi jumper- (for the non Italians – jumper cables) worked a treat. Initially had a spot just past Southern Cross – […]