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Biking in Beijing – Compilation footage

To check out a compilation of videos shot whilst cycling in Beijing over the last few days check out:

Day ride out to the Summer Palace

Decided that I needed a detonation to head to and a friend suggested the Summer Palace. It is about 20km north west of Beijing. I learnt that the mobile data plans have very little data – when using maps on the iPhone I went through a gig in a day! I was talking to a local with good English and she suggested and app. Like a maps app where you can download the entire map of Beijing on your phone. Works offline and gives you directions for a bike. Only problem it was all in Chinese – see photo. Got her to give me quick crash course and what  meant […]

What you take for granted

About to head out again for the day in Beijing. Reflecting over the last day I realise stuff that we take for granted. Some of the stuff that I mean: 1. Cheap mobile data and pretty good speeds – the internet speed here is slow to put it mildly and very expensive –  1 GB of data is over $20. It is a bit hit and miss. Used up the 1GB in the first day. 2. Understanding people – getting anything done here has been a challenge. Very few people speak English. The most basic task can take forever. Had to recharge the SIM card – 3 people involved – […]

Day cycling in Beijing – Go with the flow…whatever works

Well after spending a couple of hours assembling the bike I was ready to head out. Bit tricky – no one speaks any English and nothing is in English. Bought myself a SIM card had to sign some detailed forms – all in Chinese. No idea what I got or how long it will last. Headed out for the day to explore. All up I covered around 30 km zig zagging around the city. To say you have to stay alert is an understatement. Stuff going on all over the place. Many electric bikes , small scooters and even wheelchairs in the bike lanes. Most of the place the cars […]

Beijing Finally

it is 12.26 am as I ride in a mini van to my hotel. Not possible to take a normal cab with the Bike Box – which is huge. It has been 25 hours in transit to get here. The airport was huge and even at this time of night there were people everywhere. After clearing immigration which took a while – had to catch a train to go and collect luggage. That was a first. Bit hard to get a sense of the place at night. The one thing I have felt straight away is the air quality. There is a smell and the back of your throat is […]

All done time to roll – deadlines make things happen

At the lounge in Sydney after the shocking red eye special. Have not done one of these flights for years – for a good reason. Not having put too much thought into the planning of the trip resulted in lots of last minute things to get sorted. Also as I decided to take my own bike – there was a bit of stuff to work out how this would flow. Having set the date by booking flights it forces the rest to happen. I’m sure I could have spent months researching and planning the trip – but as I only had a couple of weeks then that’s how much time […]

Riding on the Great Wall

Have wanted to go to China for a couple of years now. The time had come. Just completed a 9 week Odyssey into the Aussie Desert and was now ready for something a bit different. Decided to go and booked flights about a week ago as I now get what I need sorted for the adventure. Taking my own bike – how does that work?, Visas, Pollution, lack of English etc etc. Lots of unknowns – quite like it. 3 days till take off!

The China adventure!

Stay tuned for what will be a lot of fun…going to China to ride on the Great Wall.