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How to build a business

Chances are, you are considering – or have in the past – going into business. More than 95% of Australian businesses are small businesses, with under 20 staff members. There are lots of different reasons people go into business in the first place, sometimes it’s about the potential to grow, sometimes it’s the ability to work to your strengths, create your own lifestyle or be your own boss!

Unfortunately a lot of times running your own business can become the job you used to have – that you can’t get away from. Having a clear reason for beginning is important in being able to find a business that is going to fit with your requirements.

In the How to build a business series I talk about how to have a clearly defined goal and how to assess opportunities and be able to choose the best fit for you. Check out the first video in the series below for a brief introduction, and CLICK HERE to see the rest of the series.