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What you take for granted

About to head out again for the day in Beijing. Reflecting over the last day I realise stuff that we take for granted. Some of the stuff that I mean:

1. Cheap mobile data and pretty good speeds – the internet speed here is slow to put it mildly and very expensive –  1 GB of data is over $20. It is a bit hit and miss. Used up the 1GB in the first day.

2. Understanding people – getting anything done here has been a challenge. Very few people speak English. The most basic task can take forever. Had to recharge the SIM card – 3 people involved – lots of hone calls – discussions etc after about an hour had it done. When you ask something and people just smile. Just need more time and a good plan B. Would love to learn the language – but it is not going to happen any time soon.

3. Signs that you can read – so much around but nothing that you can understand. A little bit frustrating when you know there is lots around bit no idea what it is. Looking at a menu and going hmmm. Hand signals , pointing and gestures seem to have limited success.


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