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Day ride out to the Summer Palace

Decided that I needed a detonation to head to and a friend suggested the Summer Palace. It is about 20km north west of Beijing. I learnt that the mobile data plans have very little data – when using maps on the iPhone I went through a gig in a day! I was talking to a local with good English and she suggested and app. Like a maps app where you can download the entire map of Beijing on your phone. Works offline and gives you directions for a bike. Only problem it was all in Chinese – see photo. Got her to give me quick crash course and what  meant what and away I went. Simply superb – rode all the way to the Summer Palace on a bike path – most along the side of some major rodes. Great way to explore the edges of a city – head somewhere. Pushed the wrong button on the app – did take some time to get back on track. The summer palace is spectacular. Talk about people, people and a few more people. Enjoyed the ride back into the evening.  



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