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China wants to keep me

I have a distinct feeling that China does not want me to go! I should not be able to be writing this – as I should be on a plane. After allowing more than usual time to get to the airport – all of a sudden the traffic was bumper to bumper – very strange for just after midday. As it turned out there was a very nasty accident which caused the traffic issue. Managed to get to the airport and check in with minutes to spare. Was now relaxed and had plenty of time up my sleeve. Went to the gate and waited for the crowds to clear as […]

Impressions of China

From idea to reality on the Great Wall

i just love taking an idea and turning it into realty. This adventure was really all about that. Seeing if it was possible, how would it work, why would it feel like. I am posting this from the the top of the Great Wall after having just ridden on top of the wall – what a buzz. There is no feeling like that of success and achievement. Loving doing stuff that most say just can not be done. Sometimes you just have to take a punt and go with the flow.Before starting this journey I had a clear picture in my mind what it would look like when I was […]

Biking in Beijing – Compilation footage

To check out a compilation of videos shot whilst cycling in Beijing over the last few days check out:

Day ride out to the Summer Palace

What you take for granted

Day cycling in Beijing – Go with the flow…whatever works

The China adventure!

Stay tuned for what will be a lot of fun…going to China to ride on the Great Wall.